Allotrac is a paperless transport management system that integrates seamlessly into your business and drives real outcomes and measurable return.

Our software covers all aspects of transport management, from order to invoice. The simple drag and drop system allows management of jobs, drivers, vehicles and entire fleets in real-time. Fleets of any size can be organised and tracked using an intuitive, colour-coded system. Vehicles and job histories are remembered for repeated allocation, and allocators benefit from seeing job statuses updated as soon as they happen.


Allotrac empowers your workforce, relieving stress, eliminating errors and improving productivity and performance. Drivers welcome the safety and security enabled by Allotrac’s prestart checks, tracking, compliance, documentation
and fatigue management.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and Driver Fatigue is at the centre of what we do.

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In addition to the general duty to not drive a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle on a road while fatigued, drivers must comply with certain maximum work and minimum rest limits. 

Parties in the supply chain have to take all reasonable steps to prevent the drivers from exceeding these limits. This is similar to occupational health and safety laws and means that drivers must be allowed to stop if they are at risk of exceeding the limits and make alternative arrangements.

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We configure driver workflows based on your requirements combined with NHVR regulations. Drivers are prompted to break for a break, refuel, or washing the vehicle.

Allotrac counts down and produces noise alerts, with colour coded indications of approaching end of break periods.


Standard Hours
Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)
Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM)
Heavy Vehicle National Law Compliant

Accounting Platforms we already integrate with

No matter what industry you serve, Allotrac software delivers massive operational impact.


From a single screen see available drivers, compliant with the job required and match them with the vehicle


Access all job data, run reports and view dashboards. Work how you like to work and focus on what you do best


Track the entire job, not just the asset, end to end and produce actionable insights that drive revenue

ERP & CRM Integrations

Intuitive & Flexible ensures rapid driver adoption across your entire fleet

Pre Start Checklists

Compliance & Safety first. 

Odomoter Readings

Capture important telematics

Sign on Glass

simple POD 

"Allotrac is a very adaptive and comprehensive system. The product is forever evolving, and has great potential to expand in the future, catering to a wide range of businesses within the transport industry." - Michael Schembri, Parklea Sand & Soil


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