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Rondo Transformed with Allotrac

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

"Allotrac has brought a significant level of consistency across our business" Michael Mills.

Rondo Building

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NSW, Australia

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Building Materials | Manufacturing


Integrated Data Solution | Reduced Administration | Visibility

Who is Rondo?

Rondo Building Services manufacture and supply a wide range of rolled formed steel products and systems, primarily for the construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Based in Erskine Park, New South Wales, Rondo’s main manufacturing plant is supported by distribution warehouses in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia to service customers throughout Australia. When Rondo went to market in 2015, their goal was to find a national transport system that would be consistent across all states.

Allotrac and Rondo

Since the inception of Allotrac in 2016, Rondo has transitioned from a manual paper-based delivery system to a fully automated workflow, from planning the load, and allocating the transport and driver, through to invoicing and adjusting of stock through their ERP system. As a result, Rondo has now been able to obtain real-time tracking and traceability across their network and throughout their business nationally. The real-time data which Allotrac provides Rondo has brought a significant level of consistency across their business.

The integrated data solution with Allotrac allows Rondo to bring across live sales orders from their ERP. The reduction in double-entry allows Rondo to create runs, assign them to a subcontractor where the transport company sees them and allocates a vehicle and driver which then appears on Rondo’s side. Throughout the paperless process, Rondo has real-time visibility over who is doing the job, where the job is going to as well as the weights of the job and vehicle.

With an increased accuracy in information, Rondo has been able to provide sales with data on the number of vehicles, number of tonnes, number of items and products that have been delivered to the site for certain customers, which can then help the sales team with project pricing in the future. From an administration side, Rondo can run an export of all the data out of Allotrac on daily basis into their Power BI Tool. The result means Rondo now have full visibility over everything they have delivered, which then allows Rondo to reverse invoice and check their invoices more thoroughly than what they were doing with a paper-based system.

Some of the key benefits which Rondo has experienced by utilising Allotrac have been the sign-on-glass functionality and the automated proof-of-delivery. The addition of real-time data, real-time POD’s and email notifications have resulted in a value add to their customers and the Rondo business.

To hear Rondo's success story in their own words, watch the video below.

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