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Empower your drivers to effortlessly swap jobs without the need to exchange paperwork. Allotrac streamlines the movement of consignments between depots ensuring no parcels are unaccounted for from collection to delivery. Allotrac's client dashboard ensures your customers can request transport bookings and view proof-of-deliveries in real-time, taking the pressure off administration staff and reducing unnecessary phone calls.


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Our reorganiser feature gives you access to:

  • An intuitive drag and drop allocation screen.

  • Real-time information. 

  • Visibility on live job status. 

  • Ad-hoc allocation. 

  • View by fleet or division. 

  • Filter by delivery type.

  • Restricted allocation by licence class functionality. 

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Allotrac allows couriers to streamline the movement of consignments as:

  • Drivers can swap jobs on the side of the road using near-field communication.

  • Driver and vehicle information is recorded against jobs that were swapped. 

  • Drivers can request a swap or receive a swap from another driver.

  • Drivers can plan a swap with another driver in advance. 

  • A digitalised date and time stamp is recorded in activities tab.

Are you ready to see how Allotrac can transform your courier business, automate your workflows, and better manage your jobs? 
Get in touch to see Allotrac live. 

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​Our customer portal gives your customers the ability to:

  • Configure admin portal access per customer. 

  • Request transport bookings. 

  • View when the job has been accepted, edited or rejected.

  • View dashboard with recent activities and live job statuses. 

  • Have an individual database per customer to avoid duplication of contacts and products.

  • Manage their own contacts and products

  • View their own POD's.

  • Access real-time vehicle tracking. 

  • Audit trail of job history. 


The Allotrac planning screen allows you to:

  • Pre-plan in advance including movements with multiple legs.

  • Schedule future freight movements including hire, dehire and cross-docking stops. 

  • Check and confirm movements before being visible for dispatch.

  • Integrate with 1-Stop for real-time access to vessel and container information. 

  • Automatically update custom fields within the job.

  • Bulk-update custom fields along with the date at any time.

  • Bulk-edit and reassign container movements to a different date with ease.

  • Bulk-edit and add stops on multiple transport movements. 

  • Copy the data from any cells.

  • Access pivot tables.

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With our zoning feature, you are able to:

  • Create zones and attach rate cards per-zone. 

  • Setup boundaries on geographical areas for zonal pricing. 

  • Automatically assign jobs to a run based on the pick-up or delivery address.

  • Automatically assign your rate card based on pick-up or delivery location

  • on job entry. 

Our team are ready to answer any questions you may have, get in touch to discuss how we can work together. 

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