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Enhance your customer's experience with unparalleled access to live job information. Allotrac provides businesses with the ability to proactively mitigate risk through automated alerts.

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With Allotrac's live job status feature, you can:

  • Provide 55 different status alert types available per job. 

  • Configure alerts by contact or site address. 

  • Alert multiple internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Send automated alerts via Email or SMS Text Message. 


By using Allotrac, your business can:

  • Configure exclusion zones and site speed limits.

  • Apply notifications across all sites.

  • Draw boundaries on obscure locations. 

  • Configure outer geofences by km radius. 

  • Allow customers to view vehicles via link arriving to site.

  • Send alerts on vehicle idle times. 

  • Calculate demurrage on geofences.

  • Send automated alerts via Email or SMS Text Message.

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Are you ready to see how Allotrac can transform your business, automate your workflows, and better manage your jobs? 
Get in touch to see Allotrac live. 

Document Expiry Alerts.png


​With Allotrac, your business can:​

  • Alert on document expiry dates.

  • Send automated alerts 3 months from document expiry date. 

  • Alert multiple internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Send automated alerts directly to third-party carriers. 

  • Send automated alerts via Email or SMS Text Message. 


With Allotrac, you are able to mitigate risk through:

  • Alerting on pre-start checklist line item failures. 

  • Voice-activated alerts for drivers 1 hour prior to rest break.

  • Alerts on driver fatigue breach non-conformances. 

  • Overspeed alerts configured per-vehicle. 

  • Vehicle breakdown alerts. 

Compliance Alerts - Resized.png
Push Notifications - Resized.png


Our software equips you with the ability to:

  • Directly message drivers on their mobility application. 

  • Have drivers receive voice activated notification of message. 

  • Ensure drivers acknowledge notification before proceeding. 

  • Notify drivers after hours of impending jobs. 

  • Allow drivers to view future jobs without logging in. 

  • Communicate with ad-hoc subcontractors without affecting driver hours. 

  • Communication report available on outbound notifications. 

Our team are ready to answer any questions you may have, get in touch to discuss how we can work together. 

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