Bulk / Heavy / Haulage / Low Loaders

The movement of machinery and equipment between sites can be organised simply and efficiently through the Allotrac software. Use the cloud to manage all your vehicles and equipment, while a portal is available for subcontractors, keeping all parties in touch and informed.

Building Supplies and Government & Council

Utilise Allotrac’s software to manage huge jobs from day to day. The software intuitively remembers repeat jobs so you can quickly reassign drivers to jobs such as waste collection or routine maintenance.


Manage all your allocation, vehicles and deliveries without paper. Pin-point GPS allows courier companies to track their drivers no matter where they are in Australia. Reallocate, update jobs and communicate with your fleet at the click of a button.

Mobile Cranes

A unique allocation screen is used for cranes that includes specialised features. The screen allows you to manage all health and safety issues such as crew member’s induction statuses and high risk work licenses. This includes visual prompts that aid you as you drag and drop crew members for assignment.

The crane software also features rate cards. Simply set-up the desired minimum rate, time and inclusions and Allotrac will generate a rate card for your client. The system then tracks the status and time of the job for you, providing accurate data for your records and invoicing.