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Allow customers unprecedented access from order to invoice reducing unnecessary phone calls. Allotrac provides businesses with the ability to control the visibility of their customer's last mile experience. 

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Our customer portal gives your customers the ability to:

  • Configure admin portal access per customer.

  • Request transport bookings. 

  • View when the job has been accepted, edited, or rejected.

  • View dashboard with recent activities and live job statuses. 

  • Have individual database per customer to avoid duplication of contacts and products.

  • Manage their own contacts and products

  • View their own POD's.

  • Access real-time vehicle tracking. 

  • View audit trail of job history. 


Allotrac provides you with feature that:

  • Give customers the ability to request transport bookings through their own admin portal. 

  • Provides individual database per customer to avoid duplication of contacts and products.

  • Allow you to specify which customers can access your database when entering jobs. 

  • Allow you to specify full access, no access or selected contacts per customer.

  • Gives customers the ability to create their own contacts and addresses. 

  • Specifies access to all or selected products. 

  • Configures job entry fields per customer from a master set of fields. 

  • Allows you to create saved job templates for quick data entry. 

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Are you ready to see how Allotrac can transform your business, automate your workflows, and better manage your jobs? 
Get in touch to see Allotrac live. 

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With Allotrac's live job status feature, you can:

  • Provide 55 different status alerts per job. 

  • Configure alerts by contact or site address. 

  • Alert multiple internal and external stakeholders. 

  • Send automated alerts via Email or SMS Text Message. 

  • Set-up alerts on job acceptance including approval and disapproval. 


By using Allotrac, your business can:

  • Draw boundaries on obscure locations. 

  • Allow customers to configure location fences per site. 

  • Allow customers to configure outer geofences by Km radius. 

  • Choose whether notifications are site specific or applied across all sub-contacts.

  • Send automated alerts via Email or SMS Text Message.

  • Allow customers to view vehicles via link arriving to site.

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Our client dashboard gives you the ability to:

  • Allow customers to only view a vehicle when their deliveries are in transit. 

  • Provide transparency over third-party carriers completing customers jobs. 

  • View satellite GPS tracking online and offline.

Our team are ready to answer any questions you may have, get in touch to discuss how we can work together. 

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