Complete visibility when allocating to company owned vehicles or outsourcing to third party carriers. Allotrac provides real-time access to job and vehicle information from order to invoice.

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Visibility from order to invoice.

Transparency over third-party carriers. 

Track by live job status.

Track multiple legs of a job. 

Track multiple jobs to a purchase order or invoice. 

Track serial item numbers based on movement history.

Inventory control for pallets.  

Audit trail on job history. 

Condition reporting available on items for pre-and-post-delivery. 


Drivers can swap jobs on the side of the road using near-field communication.

Driver and vehicle information is recorded against jobs which were swapped. 

Drivers can request a swap or recieve a swap from another driver.

Drivers can plan a swap with another driver in advance. 

Digital date and time stamp recorded in activities tab.

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Inventory control for pallets. 

Track in-and-out pallet movements per-site. 

Create pallet collection return jobs for drivers completing deliveries. 

Ability to create multiple one-off pallet only jobs for collection. 

Driver has the ability to create pick-up jobs whilst on the road.  

Sign-on-glass proof of delivery of how many pallets were collected per-site.


Ability to create static geofences.

Setup alerting per-vehicle per-fleet triggering static geofences
Reporting Types: Routes, Events, Trips, Stops, Summary.

Online and offline satellite gps tracking.

Send alerts on vehicle idle times.

Real-time vehicle data.

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