Allotrac for Heavy Haulage

Allotrac provides a holistic solution for all the challenges faced by Heavy Haulage, Low-Loaders, Bulk Haulage & Line-Haul providers through realtime document management, realtime status updates, subcontractor management (android and IOS driver app) weigh bridge integration and a controlled driver workflow.  Allotrac allows the business to maintain control by ensuring all compliance issues are controlled and monitored, from Pre-start checklists, Licensing & registration alerts, Site inductions, Mass Management and Fatigue management.



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Auto Store Weigh bridge information, proof of delivery, in realtime.


Manage sub contractors easily and effectively with a subby portal ensuring all information is up-to-date and correct.  Contact and alert all drivers instantly without the need for phone calls. Automatic alerts to loaders & customers based on pending arrivals will ensure maximum fleet efficiency.

Automatic storage of weighbridge information, without the need for reconciling paperwork for multiple jobs, along with quotes and sub-contractor charges all kept for easy reference.  All information is updated in real-time, allowing the business to invoice completed jobs as soon as it happens.

Allotrac Transport Management Software will continue to update all job statuses, even outside of a service area range.  From inside quarries to the back of beyond, Allotrac will store all relevant details including vehicle tracking, POD, etc. and automatically upload all information once normal service is resumed