Reduce unnecessary data entry and save hours in administration costs by integrating key business systems. Allotrac is tailor made for businesses looking to eliminate paperwork from their transport operation through automation. 



Sign-on-glass POD.

Capture weighbridge dockets.

Customise delivery dockets via SendGrid integration. 

Automated POP and POD via Email or SMS Text Message. 

Manage document expiry dates. 

Export document reports in csv. or xls. 


Integration with accounting software for automated invoicing.

Manage contacts and products and specify permission levels.

 Advance pricing on line items for list-based invoicing. 

Unlimited custom fields for data entry. 

Batch multiple invoices. 

ag-Grid Functionality. 

Invoicing - Resized.png
Purchase Orders and RCTIs - Resized.jpeg


Enter subcontractor rate on job entry. 

Minimum hours tracking available per-job. 

Edit chargeable quantity on job completion. 

Generate purchase orders on job completion. 

Integration with accounting software for purchase orders. 

Convert purchase order to a bill or RCTI in accounting software. 


Inventory control for pallets. 

Track-in-and-out pallet movements per-site. 

Create pallet collection return jobs for drivers completing deliveries. 

Ability to create multiple one-off pallet only jobs for collection. 

Driver has the ability to create pick-up jobs whilst on the road. 

Sign-on-glass proof of delivery of how many pallets were collected per-site.

Pallet Collection Process - Resized.png
Quotes and Projects - Resized.png


Manage, send and track quotations. 

Set expiry date on quotations.

Convert quotation to a job or project. 

Manage multiple jobs against a project. 

Create sub-projects to reflect different locations.

Track invoices and release numbers back to a sub-project.

Real-time data on quantities.  


Configurable per-customer.

Reduced customer phone calls.   

Option to request transport bookings. 

Saved job templates for quick data entry. 

Customers can view their own POD's.

Live job status dashboard. 

Real-time access to vehicle tracking. 

Audit trail of job history. 

Customer Management - Resized.png
Subcontractor Management - Resized.png


Allocate directly to subcontractors. 

Enable self-allocation for third-party carriers. 

Live job status dashboard for allocators. 

Real-time access to vehicle tracking. 

Send jobs to other subcontractors using Allotrac.

Subcontractors can accept or reject transport bookings. 

Expiry alerts on subcontractor documentation. 

Inability to outsource jobs to a subcontractor with expired documentation. 

Live access to view their own POD's. 

Upload documentation on job completion. 

Generate purchase orders on job completion. 

Integration with accounting software for automated RCTI's.