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Purpose-built software for the construction industry focused on vehicles on turnaround. The instant allocation provides supervisors with real-time data on aggregate quantities to ensure the bin levels at a yard are not depleted.

With instantaneous information on material quantity, job status and vehicle location enable supervisors to effectively manage projects.


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Allotrac provides you with features that allow you to:

  • Manage, send and track quotations. 

  • Set expiry date on quotations.

  • Convert quotation to a job or project. 

  • Manage multiple jobs against a project. 

  • Create sub-projects to reflect different locations.

  • Track invoices and release numbers back to a sub-project.

  • Access real-time quantity data. 


Allotrac’s instant allocation feature was purpose-built for vehicles on turnaround and allows you to:

  • Assign nearest truck returning back-to-base. 

  • Assign loads directly from the project. 

  • Calculate live data per-project. 

  • Alert allocators of driver efficiency per-project. 

  • Flag warnings on tonnage levels per-project.

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Our re-organiser feature gives you access to:

  • An intuitive drag and drop allocation screen.

  • Real-time information. 

  • Visibility on live job status. 

  • Ad-hoc allocation. 

  • View by fleet or division. 

  • Filter by delivery type.

  • Restricted allocation by licence class functionality. 

Are you ready to see how Allotrac can transform your construction business, automate your workflows, and better manage your jobs? 
Get in touch to see Allotrac live. 


Our vehicle booking system allows you to:

  • Request transport from subcontractors.

  • Specify vehicle type, quantity, date and time slots. 

  • View specific set of vehicles or fleets you require on that date. 

  • Give subcontractors the ability to accept or reject transport bookings from their admin portal. 

  • View available vehicles provided by subcontractors ready for allocation.  

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With Allotrac's Project Manager app:

  • Supervisors can view live project data remotely.

  • Supervisors are alerted of driver efficiency per-project. 

  • Warnings are flagged on tonnage levels per-project. 

Our team are ready to answer any questions you may have, get in touch to discuss how we can work together. 
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