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Elite Sand & Soil and their success with Allotrac

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

"We use Allotrac for its safety and compliance features, as well as the management of our business and drivers." Jason Roberts

Elite Sand & Soil Truck

Who is Elite?

Elite Sand & Soil is a building material and landscape supplier located in Penrith delivering to locations across New South Wales as well as interstate. The family-run business specialises in the supply and transportation of a wide range of materials to new homes, construction and civil sites, sporting ovals and stadiums, golf courses and racetracks.

Elite Sand & Soil success story

Elite Sand & Soil has been utilising Allotrac since 2017 as their paperless job management system, which also automates their paperwork for safety and compliance. Since the start of 2021, Elite Sand & Soil has started storing all their inductions for job sites in the Allotrac platform, so they can flag when a driver has not been inducted to a site.

The transition from a manual workflow has also seen Elite Sand & Soil move all their PBS systems, including their road permits to an automated workflow using Allotrac. The result means Elite Sand & Soil's drivers are now easily able to produce all their data for road authorities in real-time, including their job history, their pre-start checklists, their breaks, and live permits, which are required to run on the road network.

The access to real-time data means the allocators at Elite Sand & Soil know the exact amount of material that has been loaded on the truck at the time of pick-up and the direction the vehicle is heading. The availability of data ensures the drivers are utilising the correct road routes and are going to the right location.

The increased accuracy of the information allows Elite Sand & Soil's allocators to automatically forward a push notification to their drivers with the pick-up and delivery location of their new job along with the material and payload. The information is instantaneous, which also then allows the drivers to capture the weigh-bridge dockets and sign-on-glass proof-of-delivery on their smartphone devices.

The reduction in double-entry enables Elite Sand & Soil to notify their clients in real-time. The custom delivery docket provides the client with the location, products, and weight emailed directly to them on job completion. The integration between Allotrac and MYOB allows Elite Sand & Soil to invoice in real-time, completing a paperless process for the business. The ability to generate and send an invoice so quickly has resulted in Elite Sand & Soil reducing the number of staff within their business today.

To hear Elite's success story for yourself, you can watch the video below.

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