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Allotrac's feature in The Illawarra Mercury

Updated: Mar 13

RSS Truck with Allotrac branding

We're excited to share a recent spotlight we got from The Illawarra Mercury in December 2023. The article dives into the journey of Allotrac, featuring our founders Joel and Dave and the role they play in driving our success along with our great team here in Wollongong.

One key aspect highlighted is how Dave's company, Rowles Site Solutions (RSS), has been the testing ground for Allotrac's software. Handling hundreds of deliveries daily, RSS relies on Allotrac to manage allocations, tracking, records, and digital invoicing. Dave himself admits, "I would hate to think how we would deal with that without our technology."

This piece isn't just a look back; it's a shout-out to our global ambitions. We want everyone to know about Allotrac and the game-changing software we've developed. Our founders envision taking Allotrac worldwide soon, and this article is a step towards making our innovative software known to businesses globally.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionise the transport industry!

To read the full article click here.


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