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Harnessing the Electric Wave: Navigating the Road to Electric Trucking in Australia

A futuristic truck driving on a dark cloudy night

Recent regulatory changes are driving Australia towards a cleaner, more sustainable freight industry. Key amendments in Victoria and federally are enabling the deployment of heavy-duty electric trucks on Australian roads. Now, we need your feedback.

In Victoria, the government's permanent axle weight concessions for heavy-duty electric trucks allow a 7.5-tonne weight on the steer axle, essential due to the design and positioning of the batteries. Spearheaded by Volvo Group Australia, this move facilitates the transition to electric trucks.

As Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne states, transitioning to zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) powered by clean energy is imperative for reducing transport sector emissions.

Additionally, a federal amendment aligns truck body width with the 2.55-meter European standard, removing barriers to importing heavy-duty electric trucks. This amendment promotes the import and operation of European spec trucks, advancing road safety and accelerating the transition to electric trucks.

At Allotrac, we're exploring electric truck-specific features to integrate within our Transportation Management System offerings. Real-time battery monitoring, route optimisation, and enhanced load management are potential avenues.

We invite you to share your thoughts on electric truck features in a TMS. Your feedback will help develop robust, future-ready TMS solutions in tune with the electric trucking revolution in Australia.

Together, let’s contribute to a greener Australia. Your insights are invaluable.


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