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Using Transport Management Software in Landscape Supplies Industries

Transportation management is an essential part of the landscape supply industry, as these businesses deal with the delivery of their products, whether it be sand and soils, turf or fire wood. This is where transport management software is very effective with streamlining processes within the landscape supplies industry. From scheduling to dispatch, the whole process requires careful attention and management. This article will go into detail specific to landscape supply industries and how it is simplified using Allotrac software.

Order entry

Upon the initial stages of a job, Allotrac has several ways of capturing the information of the order depending on the volume and type of delivery that is required. For those loads that are delivered straight to the customer they can be easily entered via the add new job screen (Figure 1). For repeat customers, there is a lookup history which displays any previous loads that you can use to pre-populate the order from an existing entry.

For larger orders that require multiple vehicles to move the contents of the order, there is our project functionality. This allows you to set a fixed cost per tonnage in a fixed date range, allowing you to burn down the stock until the entirety of the project has been exhausted. This will ensure your allocator does not send any additional loads to the site that haven’t been quoted for.

When it comes to invoicing upon order entry, Allotrac can streamline this process by providing a single point of entry to delivery. Should your business have a point of sale software, Allotrac can receive the job information from a completed transaction, meaning there is no need to enter any additional data.

During the order entry process, allocation is made easier with Allotrac as you can default the fleet at the point of entry assisting allocators with their dispatch. This means if you know the delivery will require a hiab for a lift you can restrict the allocation to a fleet of semi or flat-bed trucks, which increases efficiency and eliminates the risk of error.

A laptop showing Allotrac software on screen

(Figure 1)

Allocation and Dispatch

Allotrac is versatile with releasing loads depending on the type of delivery and vehicle that is required. For split-loads or runs, the allocator can easily group individual loads to form a consecutive pick-up from the loading point and then stage the delivery sequence. This provides the driver and operator with clarity on how to load the small tipper or flat bed for ease of delivery. For example loading the first delivery last.

For project work, the loads can easily be released via the dispatch screen. The allocator can choose to release a load or several loads days in advance of the delivery date. These loads can be allocated directly to a vehicle or left unassigned to be allocated to multiple vehicles or third-party carriers.

To break-up the number of loads the allocator will be able to filter for the unassigned jobs that match a particular type of a vehicle provided in the fleet and the delivery type that was entered prior. This means the allocator will be able to concentrate on allocating their small tippers loads from their bogie loads.

Driver Application for Landscape Supplies

The Allotrac driver application can be easily downloaded from a smartphone or tablet device without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Through the app, drivers can be prompted to take an image of the load on the ground and leave a comment of where the delivery was left. The customer can then receive an instant notification of the delivery and automated delivery docket of the completed job information. This information can include the images that were taken by the driver along with the drivers signature and geolocation at the time of delivery.

Weighbridge Dockets

For those loads where you may not have the stock on hand, Allotrac can force the drivers to capture a weighbridge docket when picking up externally. The drivers can easily enter the weighbridge docket number and capture an image of the docket(s) via the driver application. This makes reconciliation easier as you can cross-reference the weighbridge dockets with that of the external suppliers. This also doubles as a reference check that the driver has loaded the right quantity when you go to invoice.

Custom Delivery Dockets

Customers can receive instant notification of the load on the ground. Allotrac’s integration with Twilio SendGrid allows you to customise the delivery docket with your branding and the completed job information that you wish to send to your clients. This can include images of where the material was left including any comments should the driver leave the ancillaries undercover and out of the rain. This helps resolve any disputes from customers as to where the product was left and if any damage was incurred during delivery. You can include the geo-location of the delivery of where the order was tipped to further validate the delivery.

Integration with MYOB and Xero

Gone are the days of waiting for the driver to return to the yard with the paperwork to invoice your client. Allotrac’s integration with MYOB and Xero means you can invoice your clients in real-time. Once the driver has completed the load you can assure you don’t miss any invoices as they appear in your completed jobs screen. You can cross-reference the weighbridge docket to match the loaded weight and add any miscellaneous charges to the delivery such as demurrage. There’s no double entry of data and mitigates the risk for errors in the manual processing of paperwork. Plus, there is an approval process to ensure only the selected users check the information before being passed to the accounting software. Once the jobs have been approved, batched, and moved to the accounting platform, they will appear in your MYOB or Xero as a draft tax invoice.

In summary, Allotrac’s transport management system offers streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency for the landscape supplies industry. From order entry to dispatch and integration with accounting software, Allotrac simplifies operations, improves customer communication, and reduces manual paperwork, ultimately optimising business productivity and customer satisfaction.


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