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Parklea Sand & Soil

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

"We can do 3 to 4 times more work with the same people" Mitch Schembri

Parklea Sand & Soil Truck

Who is Parklea Sand & Soil?

Parklea Sand & Soil is a building material and landscape supplier located in South Windsor. A family-owned and operated business with its origins dating back to 1966, Parklea Sand & Soil specialises in the transportation of a wide range of materials including sand, soil, gravel, road bases, and cement throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Parklea and Allotrac

When Parklea Sand & Soil approached Allotrac in 2015, their goal was to eliminate their paper-intensive processes as well as automate their driver and yard management workflows through the use of technology. Since then, Allotrac has been able to streamline Parklea Sand & Soil's day-to-day workflows from the time an order was received by a customer, to the point of invoicing. Furthermore, by deploying Allotrac Truck, Allotrac Loader, and Allotrac Kiosk mobility applications within the business, Parklea has been able to provide clear visibility over each job to not only their employees but their customers as well. This has contributed to a significant increase in customer satisfaction as customers are able to receive real-time job status updates, as well as automated proof-of-delivery of their order, once the job is complete.

With the elimination of paperwork, Parklea Sand & Soil has been able to increase their productivity with their drivers now completing 3 to 4 times the amount of deliveries with the same amount of employees. From an administration side, Parklea is able to reduce the number of accounts staff from 3 individuals checking and entering dockets, down to a single individual who now runs the department on their own. A reduction in double-entry through Allotrac's automated invoicing with Parklea's accounting software has enabled the business to redeploy those employees into more productive, revenue-earning positions.

To hear Parklea's success story in their own words watch the video below

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