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Celebrating Women In Transport featuring Orlane from Wollongong Crane Trucks

Orlane pictured with their crane truck

In a male-dominated industry, Orlane from Wollongong Crane Trucks (WCT) stands as a beacon of inspiration. Celebrating International Women’s Day, we take a closer look at Orlane’s career in the transport industry and her efforts to encourage more women to join the industry. Orlane also provides insight on the remarkable benefits seen when she decided to implement Allotrac and her growing success at Wollongong Crane Trucks.

Who are Wollongong Crane Trucks?

Wollongong Crane Trucks is a family business with over 30 years of operation, having evolved into a key player in the transport sector with a boosting fleet of 9 trucks. WCT covers a vast territory from Sydney to the Victorian border.

Orlane’s Journey with WCT and Advocacy for Diversity

Orlane, who initially started in an admin role in the family business two days a week a decade ago, found herself thrust into a leadership role when her father faced an incident in 2021. Since then, she has been overseeing all facets of the business, from operations and allocations to admin, site inspections, driving when needed, and ensuring compliance with workplace health and safety standards. Growing up immersed in the family business, Orlane developed a passion for the job and gradually gained confidence in managing day-to-day operations, having learnt from her Dad and Pop. Challenges were embraced as opportunities and her strong connections with staff, family and customers have been vital in steering WCT towards success. Believing that women can excel in various roles within the transport sector even without previous experience, Orlane emphasises the need for support, encouragement, and education to help break down barriers. Her own journey, marked by initial challenges and scepticism, has fuelled her determination to empower other women to pursue careers in the industry. “Women need to encourage and support one another and build each other up.” Orlane finds this especially true in the transport industry. As a member of Transport Women Australia, she currently serves on the social media subcommittee and contributes to hosting events, such as the upcoming International Women's Day celebration which helps to raise awareness and encourage Women in joining the transport industry.

Wollongong Crane Trucks Adoption of Allotrac

Wollongong Crane Trucks recently transitioned to Allotrac and has found immense increase in ease of day to day operations and managing the workload. As Orlane was seeing success and growth in WCT, and confidence to build up the business even more, she needed to find a way to manage all the jobs coming in and her growing fleet and staff. Orlane notes that the shift from a paper-and-pen process to Allotrac saved the company at least 2-3 hours of work daily, a significant time investment in the fast-paced world of transport. “Allotrac makes my driver’s day to day operations a lot easier too, they don’t have to decipher any information, with everything that they need to complete the job right there.” With being as busy as she is, Orlane is so happy to be able to pre-plan days through Allotrac from anywhere as long as she has her laptop. Orlane also noted that instant invoicing, and instant POD for customers has also been a game changer in saving time and increasing efficiency.


In Orlane's journey and Wollongong Crane Trucks' adoption of Allotrac, we witness a narrative of empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity. Breaking stereotypical gender norms within the transport industry and embracing technological advancements, Wollongong Crane Trucks are steering the transport industry towards a more diverse and efficient future.


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