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COEX Containers for Change recycling program simplified by Allotrac TMS

In light of World Earth Day, we would like to highlight COEX and the positive impact of the Containers for Change program in Queensland.

In recent years, Queensland has had one of the lowest recycling rates in Australia, with drink containers being the second most littered item despite being easily recyclable.

In 2018, the Queensland Government appointed Container Exchange (COEX) as the

Product Responsibility Organisation behind implementing Containers for Change. This

program was developed to assist in increasing recycling rates and reducing litter by allowing

Queenslanders to exchange their eligible drink containers for a 10 cent refund.

Allotrac has had the pleasure of contributing to this amazing program by offering COEX with a ‘simpler process which saves operators their valuable time’ through our Transport Management System.

What is Containers for Change?

Containers for Change is the 10 cent recycling program which was introduced in Queensland in November 2018 with a focus on reducing beverage container litter in the environment. The initiative was created to encourage individuals as well as charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations to increase their recycling efforts and incentivise them with a 10 cent refund for each eligible bottle and can recycled.

COEX and Containers for Change is positively impacting the environment and communities with Queenslanders having recycled 6.2 billion beverage containers across the state since 2018. That’s 6.2 billion drink containers that have been kept out of landfill and have been given a new life as a new product or even being turned back into a new drink container.

Outcomes COEX has seen with Allotrac’s TMS

COEX has been using Allotrac’s TMS software since early 2022 and has reported positive outcomes. According to COEX, using Allotrac’s TMS has simplified their processes and saved operators their most valuable time, resulting in increased efficiency. A significant benefit for COEX is the increased traceability found with Allotrac’s TMS. This has been provided by the software’s ability to track a service from job creation to completion, with all stages in between tracked and recorded.

Another positive outcome is the accountability provided through capturing accurate data with Allotrac’s TMS software, assisting COEX in their auditing and invoicing processes. Overall, COEX has seen great benefits and outcomes from using Allotrac’s TMS software, including simpler processes, improved traceability, and accountability through data management.

Allotrac is delighted to assist COEX on their valuable contribution to the environment and communities in Queensland with the provision of our TMS software, and we look forward to following the growth of Containers for Change and the positive impact it has.


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