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Celebrating a Decade of Allotrac Success!

Allotrac 10 Year Logo

This October marked a monumental milestone for Allotrac as we commemorated our 10th year in business. What began as a visionary concept has evolved into a dynamic and thriving enterprise, and the journey from inception to now has been nothing short of remarkable.

In this notable decade, Allotrac has made its mark in the industry, making waves with our product being implemented in a staggering 7300 trucks, used by a dedicated cohort of 12000 drivers. The impact doesn't stop there; an impressive 17000 users have collaborated seamlessly, collectively completing over 10 million jobs. These figures stand as a testament to the profound influence and indispensable role that Allotrac has played in streamlining operations for countless businesses.

Looking ahead, the forecast for the upcoming year promises exponential growth, painting an exciting trajectory for Allotrac's continued journey. As we envision the future, we are enthusiastic about witnessing even more astounding statistics in the next 10 years.

Recently, we proudly unveiled our latest innovation we are working on: With certain features slated for implementation as early as next year, we anticipate a transformation in payment methods, paving the way for smarter invoicing, the seamless convenience of Allotrac Marketplace, and the eagerly anticipated Automated Allocation.

As we reflect on a decade of accomplishments, we are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support from our clients and partners. This milestone is not just ours, but a celebration of the collaborative efforts and shared successes that have propelled Allotrac to where it is today.

Here's to a decade of excellence, and to the future that holds even greater promise.


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