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Mondiale and their success with Allotrac

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

"We would not have been able to achieve that without Allotrac" - Steve Machado, Mondiale

Who is Mondiale?

Mondiale is New Zealand’s largest privately owned freight forwarder and an international leader in supply chain management. With offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, and the Philippines, Mondiale are able to deliver a seamless supply chain across the globe with end-to-end visibility and control.

How it started

Mondiale first started using Allotrac in 2019 after searching the market for an easy-to-use, all-in-one, transport management system. As the size of their business and volume of transport grew, so too did the many folders and paperwork that were required for each container movement. Mondiale was looking for a provider that was flexible, agile and that could automate their paper-based processes. After implementing Allotrac, they were able to gain complete visibility over their transport operations and achieve many successes that would have been otherwise unattainable.

How Mondiale has been able to achieve success with Allotrac

Since working with Allotrac, Mondiale NZ has gone from moving 38,000 containers to 74,000 containers per year. Due to the sheer size of Mondiale's business and volume of transport, Allotrac developed a bespoke planning screen for the container industry. The planning screen has enabled Mondiale’s scheduling team to pre-plan the future legs of their transport movements well before the scheduled movement date.

Integration with CAFS and PortConnect

By integrating with Mondiale’s internal software, CAFS and PortConnect, Allotrac has significantly reduced the number of clicks required by administration to assign a container movement to a vehicle and driver. The number of mouse clicks required was reduced from 27 to just 2 clicks. The integration with CAFS has facilitated the creation of container movements in Allotrac and removed any duplication or errors in the processing of an order.

The CAFS integration has also removed the need for Mondiale to rent additional warehouse space needed to store the manual paper-based folders that were required for each container. Instead, Mondiale’s scheduling team now receives the consolidated vessel schedule and container information every two hours from PortConnect via CAFS. The API calls have removed the need for manual data entry, saving Steve and his team an average of 7 minutes per container movement.

Updates such as the container arrival and custom clearances that are sent from PortConnect are now available for Mondiale in Allotrac’s planning screen, providing them with visibility over all container movements. This allowed Mondiale to go from moving 25 containers per week to 280 containers per day with Steve mentioning that they “would not have been able to achieve that without Allotrac”.

Allotrac's Planning Screen

Allotrac’s planning screen has enabled Steve and his team to bulk-edit multiple container movements with just one adjustment. This has allowed the scheduling team to manually add stops to the multiple container movements that are required for depot locations, as well as the addition of release numbers and pin bookings. Changes to the hire and de-hire locations are now easily facilitated through the planning screen which has enabled Mondiale to be agile in their scheduling and planning.

Allotrac Dispatch

Due to the visibility and ease of use of Allotrac, Mondiale now has only two allocators running their FCL and LCL divisions. The approval process which takes place separately in the planning screen has seen a significant downturn in issues with dispatching.

The dispatching solution in Allotrac provides visibility of the entire fleet throughout the day and gives each of the dispatchers the ability to react to day-to-day situations. The allocators now have access to containers that have been dispatched to drivers and their progress. The drivers are now able to update the container numbers via their mobile application at the port for exports, seeing fewer errors with the drivers picking up the wrong container number.

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