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Allotrac's Commitment to the Environment this Earth Day

For Earth Day 2023, we would like to reflect on our actions here at Allotrac and their impact on the planet. At Allotrac, we take our responsibility towards the environment seriously, and we strive to make a positive impact through our work and our practices.

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest in our planet”. We believe we can contribute to this goal by promoting sustainable practices with our software in the transportation industry and within our own office along with our staff.

How Allotrac’s TMS can make a positive impact toward the Environment

The most significant way we currently assist with our goal for our customers is through the elimination of paper records with our Transport Management System (TMS) software, which saves time, money and trees. With Allotrac’s TMS, all information is stored digitally with our cloud based software. Through our software and our seamless integrations, we are able to significantly reduce the need for paper within your transport chain supply business and promote a more sustainable future for the industry.

Sustainability practices within Allotrac HQ

At Allotrac HQ, we are proud to be working towards a more sustainable future. We have implemented practices in our office space to reduce our direct carbon footprint. We have worked towards recycling as much as possible, engaging in recycling programs such as TerraCycle to recycle our coffee pods. We are also encouraging sustainable transportation for our staff and reducing our energy consumption where we can.

Our Commitment

As Allotrac grows and further develops, we make a commitment to invest in our planet by continually reflecting and evaluating our impact on the environment. We intend to do this by implementing innovative solutions, and also continuing to implement practices within our office, and with our staff to reduce waste and our carbon imprint.


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