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6 Ways Allotrac’s Integration with MYOB and Xero Can Benefit Your Business

Allotrac’s seamless integration with accounting platforms, MYOB and Xero, offers an array of advantages that can significantly enhance your operations. Let's delve into six ways Allotrac's accounting software integrations can elevate your business processes and bottom line.

1. Real-Time Invoicing: Accelerate Cash Flow

Bid farewell to the days of waiting for paper trails to make their way back to the office. With our accounting software integrations, invoicing becomes a real-time endeavour. As soon as a driver completes a job, you can promptly generate and send invoices to your clients. This streamlined process not only expedites invoicing turnaround times but also bolsters your cash flow.

2. Docket Management: Never Miss an Invoice

No more worrying about missed or lost dockets. Allotrac ensures that each completed job translates into a corresponding entry on your invoicing screen. This duplicate record remains visible until a designated staff member verifies and approves the job for invoicing. Say goodbye to oversights and hello to meticulous docket management.

3. Single Point Data Entry: Eliminating Double Entry

Allotrac eradicates the potential for errors arising from manual paperwork processing. With Allotrac there is an approval process to ensure only the selected users can check the information before being passed to the accounting software. Once the jobs have been approved, batched and moved to the accounting software, they will then appear in your MYOB or Xero account as a draft tax invoice.

4. Automated Pricing: Streamline Product Pricing and Delivery Pricing

Allotrac provides multiple methods for automating your pricing. You have the option to configure pricing based on individual products as well as pricing tailored to each specific client. This means that every job created triggers automatic population of the accurate product pricing for the corresponding client. Alternatively, you can input negotiated rates directly into the job or project, ensuring flexibility and precision.

Beyond product prices, you can incorporate delivery charges – whether it be hourly, per unit, or flat rates. Should the charge be an hourly rate, the driver will be notified to enter their start time and end time via the driver application, eliminating the need for manual run sheets. Even back-to-base charges with return times can be automated, verified, and seamlessly integrated on job completion.

5. Job Profiles: Boosting Productivity

Set up profiles complete with product pricing and miscellaneous charges to expedite job creation for frequent client requirements. Allotrac produces a unique job ID which is assigned to each entry, preventing duplicate orders and facilitating accurate linking for multiple jobs back to purchase or sales order number.

6. Automated Invoicing on Job Completion: Enhancing Accuracy

Once your jobs have been priced, Allotrac will automatically calculate the changes to the products or delivery price when the job is completed. You can cross-reference the docket numbers, the loaded and unloaded items and weight as well as add any miscellaneous charges to the delivery such as demurrage.

Depending on when you would like to pay your clients, the completed jobs will remain in Allotrac until they are approved by a nominated staff member. You can filter the completed jobs by the billable client in a date range or be more specific and filter for a location, product, or reference number in the job. The completed jobs can be sent individually or as a batch. Once the jobs have been approved and sent, the completed jobs will be removed from your jobs invoicing screen to ensure the billable client can’t be charged twice for the same delivery. The information can then be sent straight into your accounting software, and mapped to the relevant fields in your MYOB or Xero accounts.

In conclusion, Allotrac’s integration with MYOB and Xero offers a transformative overhaul of your operational efficiency. Embrace these six features to streamline invoicing, eliminate errors, and elevate your business.


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